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My Holygrail Products

Each of us have that certain product that we can't live without or let's say, you feel something is not right if ever you forget putting it on or it feels different if this product is not the one that you used. Yes, I am also guilty of feeling like this. When I was first introduced to beauty products, I never cared what I put on my face as long as it would be within the budget or I can just get it somewhere near. Maybe that's the reason why when I am still in my yester-years, my skin would always have either rough, or oily, or worse.. A BUMPY ride all the time. But now that I am earning money for myself, I learned that skin care or beauty products should not be something to be sacrificed. I was able to know what products are suitable for my skin type. Thanks to all the videos from youtube, blogs, magazines and websites which gave me information about these kind of stuff. Another thing that I do now is, I don't care if it would be expensive or not or if its only available in timbuktu or saturn.. I would go beyond my means to get these stuff just to save myself from going back to my skin problems from way way before. Anyway, enough of this babbling. Here I present to you my Holygrail products. I use this every single day although I can say that sometimes I would interchange it with something just for the sake of trying out something new, but believe me, I would always go back to these items. See them after the jump =)

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This Belo Essentials skin hydrating whitening toner is one of the best toners that I've used. Before I acquired this product when I went back to the Philippines last November 2013, my go-to product was my body shop green tea clearing toner (not 100% sure about the name). I even brought it with me on my trip but when I started using it there in the hot and humid weather of the tropics, all my zits and bumps suddenly appeared out of nowhere! I panicked and started scouting out the beauty aisles of watsons and saw this one in pink. I just can't live without a toner this tames my patchy and dry skin after cleansing. I am so glad it actually worked. One bottle of this lasted me 4 months and I use it everyday. I was so sad coz I ran out of it last March and I even asked my hubby to buy me 2 bottles of this and send it here through courier (desperate move!). One time we went to do some grocery shopping in an asian store nearby and VOILA! I saw this thing in one of their secured shelves! I was sooo glad they carried it although it was quadruple the price, i really didn't care! So happy to know I don't have to minimize the use of this coz any day that I would ran out, i could just grab one a few walks away. 

Clinique moisture surge! This is my savior during those cold winters. My skin would literally flake during winter time and this moisturizer saves my skin big time. It is quite pricey for $49 but I have this one since september 2013 and I think it still can last til for about two months time. Clinique is famous for having allergy-tested products and free from fragrances or any harsh chemicals. I love the thickness of this product although I won't recommend this to people living in a hot and humid country like phils or any tropical country. I tried using this when I had my trip and boy... it made my face feel really sticky. Maybe try using the moisture surge only not the intense one. The other variety is much less thick and it dries up faster. Since I live here in Canada and summer is around the corner, I can test this if this would work for me since Canada has dry air. We'll see.. but for now, I won't trade this for anything =p

I am a huge huge fan of baby lips by maybelline especially that green one. That would be my second tube and it is almost at the end. I would try that light blue one (i'll just edit this out soon for the specifications of the flavours) and hopefully it works the same as that minty green one. This product is very moisturizing and it never dries out my lips. I sometimes brush my teeth with this on and it doesn't wear out. I use this before I do all my skin care routine so it could start its moisturizing powers minutes before I put on my lip colour. EOS is ok too but I like baby lips coz some of them also have some subtle shades with it so you could also use it alone. It comes with pretty colourful packaging too and I have most of the shades. It looks really cute on top of my cabinet alongside with my eos egg balms =)

Precious Minerals BB cream by Etude House. This product is the BOMB! This is the only bb cream that actually worked wonders and could be used in cold countries and in warm countries too. When I went  back to Philippines, I actually used this as my foundation and my moisturizer since its a BB cream, it does have that capability to repair some of those unwanted stuff in your face. I thought I am inlove with the garnier bb cream but this is better since it is mattifying so you don't have to set it with powder. I am not a fan of setting bb creams with powder coz I feel that the powder reduces the capabilities of the bb cream to repair stuff since you are turning it into a makeup instead. The formula is also thick and it has a medium coverage compared to other bb creams that only has sheer coverage. If you want a better coverage, you can also build this up to give you that matte full coverage sans the setting powder. It also has this nice smell. I got this back in the Philippines for 800php but you could also snag this cheaper at Ebay which I'll do soon. I bought this last November 2013 and I still have a lot of products up until now. I think it could still last me til December (I really think it could though).

Another one from Etude House is this Drawing Eye Brow Pencil. I use this as a dupe for my Mac one since it has the same shade but I find it better that the Mac browliner. I am loving the tip of this item. It was tapered on one side and a little thicker at the other end which gives me options and it is way cheaper too than the Mac one for less than $5 compared to $20 something for Mac browliners. I like the staying power too of this liner and the consistency of the product itself doesn't change may it be warm or cold temperature. 

FIT ME by Maybelline! I've been a fan of this foundation for sooo long! Whenever I use this, people would compliment my makeup since it makes my face look flawless. My bestfriend told me that it looks like I am not wearing foundation at all but she knew I was actually wearing one since it covers some of my acne spots. I love that this foundation is gel-based so it gives that glow to your skin and also you don't need a face primer for it to glide better during application. The only thing about this is, if you don't want a dewy look, you have to set it with powder. It is not matte-finish at all. I use 210 and 220 shades. Another thing is, it does have spf so it protects your skin from bad sunrays but it doesn't give that white-wash that SPF gives off if you take flash photos. 

Maybelline's Master Precise eye liner. This was an accidental find since I thought this was the dupe for that famous Lancome artliner (ughhs soo freakin expensive liner) that I loved before. After using this once, I swear to never buy another $35 eyeliner since this $8 liner does a great job for me anyway. The con of this is I guess, it is not waterproof so it won't last for long. Since it has that super nice tip, you can make a really good cat-eye wing. Another good thing about this eyeliner is it would last you a long time. It doesn't dry out fast compared to that ELF liner which I regret buying more than 2 pieces since it was cheap (yep impulse buying is one of my weakness). 

Lastly, of course, my ever favourite MSF from Mac! This is my favourite cheek item ever. I use if alone before but now I use it for highlight and it works great with any blush that I use. It gives you that nice sheen and if you combine this with other blush, you could achieve that ORGASM (by nars) kind of look. I was able to stock up this product but I bought a different shade since i seriously can't find the REDHEAD shade. I got this one from the MAC warehouse sale. 

So that's it for my everyday go-to products. I am not saying that we would have the same reaction to these products but I am just implying on how they work for me. Each one of us has different skin type so things might react good on me but not on you and vice versa. Hopefully though, my review helped you. in some way, in knowing these products better. If you have any concern, please feel free to comment or contact me. Thanks for reading and I am hoping I could post more! haha! 

=) deah

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