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My Collection Of Nail Arts

Here's a collection of all the nail arts that I've done and some of which were done by my friend (grace). I might not be an artist-type of person but, if we talk about doing some art on my nails, I guess I can express my "artistic side" through them. I can't seem to be satisfied by just a normal solid nail color. After painting my nails with something, for sure afterwards I would either put some glitters on it or try to think of some ways to spice it up a little. Anyhow, hope you enjoy this mini-collection of nail arts that I've collected over the years.. I can't remember when they were taken except for the recent ones. If you have some questions on how I made them, what materials did I used, or brand of nails I can recommend, feel free to comment or contact me. =)

Some nail care that I often use before or after applying my nail colour/s:
  • Base coat: Nail Envy by OPI is my recommended one. I find that whenever I use this base coat, applying the nail polish is a bit easier and it doesn't crease too much compared to just using a normal clear polish. I would always recommend using a base coat that has a hardening or anti-chip capability for it makes your nail polish last longer and it would also help in maintaining the structure of your nails (re: prevent chipping or breakage)
  • Pushing your cuticle helps your nails look more polished and longer. 
  • Buffing your nails using a nail buffer helps your polish or the base colour adhere better to your nails. If you plan to apply nail polish, skip the polisher pad of the nail buffer. This makes your nails smooth and shiny thus, colouring your nails would be a bit harder.
  • Always seal your nail colour with a top coat to help your nail integrity last long and it makes your nails have that glossy finish except if you put matte nail polish on your nails *for obvious reasons*
Here they are.. 

Done by my friend grace. I lent her my nails for her to practice her nail arts =)

again, done by my friend grace but we collaborated with the design.
used essie's matte about you which mattifies any nail polish
This is actually in plum colour. Too bad my phone's camera won't show
the real colour.

One of my favourite nail arts that I've done.
I made this to commemorate the return of the leaves for spring.
I think I did this way back 2011
more after the jump..

one of the recent ones that I've done (January 2014). I used deborah lippman's
holiday collection (not sure of the shade) and this caviar beads
that I got from the Philippines.

One of those, I-want-to-spice-up-this-boring-plum-colour
type of nail art =p I used revlon nail polish and Nicole by OPI for the glittery polish

One of my earlier nail arts. A lot of my friends thought I had this done 
professionally. I forgot the brands I used for this though.

I did this for my sister-in-law. I got a pillbox-full of small dried flowers and
we meticulously picked all the green coloured ones. I regret to have thought of
doing this design for a bit because it was sooo hard!! So glad that the result
was neatly nice!! 

Done way back 2012, This was my first attempt of making a glitter tip kind of nail art.
This was kind of an ombre glitter thing, wherein the tips have more colour
than the nail bed itself. I had a lot of fun doing this because I seriously
have a thing about glittery nails but.. I HATE HATE how it was soo hard to remove
glitter nail polish! ugghs!

I made this February of 2011 for valentines month =) I just got my set of nail art polishes
that I got from ebay. I loved how easy it was to make those hearts since the polish that I bought
have this pen-type tip on it.

Done for Christmas season of 2012. I was inspired by the sugar cane stripe
and instead of white for the streaks, I used yellow green polish. I love this nail design
although it was not an easy one to make. I had a lot of trouble with the sticky strips
that I used. If you plan on making this, make sure you remove some of the stickiness of the strip
by sticking the strip at the back of your hand and removing it until you feel that its not that sticky

I made this when the tapered tip nails began appearing again on the limelight. I had issues with 
shaping my nails since my nails are naturally squared. I had to make an illusion of it being tapered 
through tapered application of nail polish and at the same time, the tapered black lining at the 
inner edge of the tip. My friend said it looked like pokemon. I don't know if I should feel
complimented with that or not =p

just a simple flare of lilac over purple nail polish. I just decided to add that pink detail to look as 
if it was a comet or something *lol*

used this for our camping trip last august 2011.. yep! frosted nail polish for a freaking camping trip (only me.. only me!) i don't know what I was thinking at that time. Well, I think yin yang logo
inspired me for this.

another of those flick and flare nail arts and I also used a crystal stud for this and 
added a bit of glittery nail polish to make it more attractive. Used by ever favourite colour 
combination of purple and black (refer to my wedding to know how i love that colour combination)

haha my almost perfect tiger-striped nail art that I made matte. I was just so annoyed at myself
because I am not sure why I added that yellow colour there. What was I thinking?!?!?!!?

Another one of Grace's nail art. She again, used my nails as her nail canvass. I love it though!
Anything that has purple is beauty for me. It was her first time doing the ombre style nail art.
A bit more practice in applying the polish on the sponge and I am pretty sure she'll perfect it in no time.

My first time trying out the magnetic nail polish. I won't consider this as my own nail art since I didn't think of this design at all but I loved the outcome so might as well include it in here 

weee, I can remember this! This was my first ever nail art here in Canada. But yes, this is another one of those boring flick and flare nail arts. 

Newspaper nail art but just tweaked by a bit. Instead of using the normal newspaper, I used my old archie comics! I liked the way it was faded for it gave that vintage-y look.

Oh Canada nails! This was my nails when I took my oath as a citizen of Canada and my allegiance to the queen. This is just a simple cracked look. I used the sally hansen crackle polish. It was decent but I guess I still prefer the crackle polish of OPI (but it was darn expensivee!)

My first caviar nails. I used black nail polish but I also added some gold speckles on it so it could match with the gold caviar beads on my ring finger. I love this but I just hate that the beads won't stay on that long. 

This nail art might seem so easy but... IT WAS DEFINITELY not! It was so hard to get those fragile flowers from the bunch that I bought from ebay and i think this was one of the most time-consuming nail arts that I've done to think I only placed the flowers on 2 (4 for both hands) nails. Imagine if I placed it in all fingers! 

Used the Matte about you by essie and that lavander essie nail polish. I drew the heart using that nail art polish. I loved the result on the first day but... with the nature of my job, a light-coloured matte nail polish would not be recommended. I ended up changing it the next day coz the lilac colour became dirty white! uggghss! so much for the cuteness!

I tried this droplets effect nail polish using my brown revlon polished, layered with the matte about you by essie, then dotted the clear polish using different sizes of the dotting tool. One of the easiest nail arts i've done.

the dreadful nail stickers! I am not a fan at all! I got this nail stickers on sale somewhere I can't remember. I've had this for the longest time and decided to try it but I swear I regret using it! it was soo freekin hard to put on since I have short nails. Good thing I loved the results!

cuteness overload for this one. I tried the half-moon effect on this but I can't resist not putting on some glitz on it. And that butterfly! =p

yep, flick and flare...

this lovely blue polish by maybelline and added this gold-speckled essie polish. I loved the result! I think I've done this kind of style 

Thanks for reading my post. I might make another one of this since I am fond of making nail arts. Good day everyone!

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