Saturday, 17 May 2014

Ebay Haul for May!

This blog post would be short and sweet. Here are my ebay haul for the month of May *not sure if this would be the last of it though* It might be safe to say that this is my first ebay haul for the month *lol* since I am not sure if I would buy something next week after payday *yayayayy* I am not in a good mood right now since I am still unsure where my freaking wallet went. I have an idea where it would be but I still have to wait til tomorrow to know if it was there or not. If it was not there then, I am dead! I have to go through all that replacing thing for all my cards which I seriously hate! =( sighss.. ok I know I am seriously spoiling the moment right now. Here there are!!!

This kind of aviators were so IN right now. I don't want to shell out
a lot of money for something that you can't use for a long time, I decided to 
just get it from ebay. For this item, I got it for $2.99 

After a while of looking, I saw this listing and it was cheaper!!
$2.00 each

So I decided to get another one! haha! omggg

Not a fan of wallet-type case for phones just because it feels awkward 
whenever you answer a call, but I wanted to try it out.
Got this for $2.25

 For my Nail Art needs =p 
Got it for $0.99 for 20pcs

For my baby (iphone 5) it was too cheap to resist. I desperately
need a protector for the back of my phone since my stupid brother
crashed it. 
Got it for $1.69 for 6 pairs

Wee a tony moly item! I got introduced to this when we had one of our 
pacific mall trips and grace told me that tony moly products are good.
I wanted to buy this since then. I am sooo excited to get this for sure!
$4.99 for two miniature ones! not bad I guess

umm, should I elaborate on why I got this??
$1.25 each

This is something I am missing from my nail art tools. 
I got it cheap too!! hopefully the quality is not that bad.

I linked the images to the ebay listing for these stuff. I am not sure up until when these items would be active so, I am sorry if by the time you see this post, the listing already ended. I don't own any of these photos sooo all credits to the sellers as marked.

Right now, I just want to find my wallet and enjoy my 4-day vacay that started yesterday. I feel bad I wasn't able to come with my folks to US later because of the unfortunate event that happened (me, stupidly losing my wallet) Have a good long weekend to all Canadians out there!!

=) deah

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