Thursday, 1 May 2014

Review: Urban Decay's NAKED PALETTE

Naked PaletteSells USD$54.00 in URBAN DECAY website
Sells CAD$64.00 at Sephora stores in Canada
Since this is my all-time favourite palette, why not be the first item to review =) For sure every makeup enthusiast who exist in this world knows all about this much-coveted product. Well, I guess the main reason for its hype is because this product is worth every penny that you'll pay for it. This is actually my second one since I lost my first one when I went back to the Philippines last Christmas holidays. I am so sad that it got lost since, as i said, IT IS and WILL FOREVER be my favourite palette. When I went back here in Canada, it was on the top of my shopping list. I was just lucky enough to get it for a bit cheaper price (again) since I was able to snag this when they had that Sephora VIB discount event wherein if you are a VIB member, you have 15% discount for everything you purchase within the specified dates. So happy me but sad to say, my pockets felt the complete opposite =p

Let's talk about the packaging. If you'll see this on a shelf like the way it was showcased at my local sephora store, you'll for sure take a second glance onto it because of the way they packaged this item. Gold will always be pleasing to a girl's eye so it would really catch your attention. Although the packaging itself can sell this item, inside has a velvet-lined palette that looks so sophisticated. You will never be ashamed of bringing this anywhere you go. The main selling point of this would be, of course, the product itself. It has 12 shades of eyeshadow which you can use to make a neutral look which can make you do looks that can pass for day and night events. The eyeshadows were super pigmented and though I would suggest that you always use an eye primer to make your eyeshadow wear longer, but for the naked palette, you can pass up on it and it would still be long wearing. Here's a swatch for 3 of the shades:

It also comes with the Good Karma Shadow Brush and a set of eye shadow primer samples. I am not a fan of the samples coz I am pretty sure when I bought this the first time around, they actually have a good size of the primer potion which I thought I'll be getting when I got it the second time around. I was forced to buy the full size since the small size that I got for free before had already ran out. *booo*

I also got the Naked 2 and the Naked basic palette but this was still my go-to palette everyday. I want to buy the 3rd edition but not anytime soon since I am not in the mood to add more from my collection of makeup and as of now, I am having a tight budget. You could tell that I like Urban Decay products though they're quite pricey. What can I do, I am an addict! hahah!

So hopefully my review gave you a bit of an insight about this product. I'll do a review as well for the other naked stuff next time. For now, I am just gonna relax a bit and prepare myself for another day tomorrow!


Oh Hello MAY!!!


-- Deah

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