Saturday, 17 May 2014

Ebay Haul for May!

This blog post would be short and sweet. Here are my ebay haul for the month of May *not sure if this would be the last of it though* It might be safe to say that this is my first ebay haul for the month *lol* since I am not sure if I would buy something next week after payday *yayayayy* I am not in a good mood right now since I am still unsure where my freaking wallet went. I have an idea where it would be but I still have to wait til tomorrow to know if it was there or not. If it was not there then, I am dead! I have to go through all that replacing thing for all my cards which I seriously hate! =( sighss.. ok I know I am seriously spoiling the moment right now. Here there are!!!

This kind of aviators were so IN right now. I don't want to shell out
a lot of money for something that you can't use for a long time, I decided to 
just get it from ebay. For this item, I got it for $2.99 

After a while of looking, I saw this listing and it was cheaper!!
$2.00 each

So I decided to get another one! haha! omggg

Friday, 9 May 2014

My Collection Of Nail Arts

Here's a collection of all the nail arts that I've done and some of which were done by my friend (grace). I might not be an artist-type of person but, if we talk about doing some art on my nails, I guess I can express my "artistic side" through them. I can't seem to be satisfied by just a normal solid nail color. After painting my nails with something, for sure afterwards I would either put some glitters on it or try to think of some ways to spice it up a little. Anyhow, hope you enjoy this mini-collection of nail arts that I've collected over the years.. I can't remember when they were taken except for the recent ones. If you have some questions on how I made them, what materials did I used, or brand of nails I can recommend, feel free to comment or contact me. =)

Some nail care that I often use before or after applying my nail colour/s:
  • Base coat: Nail Envy by OPI is my recommended one. I find that whenever I use this base coat, applying the nail polish is a bit easier and it doesn't crease too much compared to just using a normal clear polish. I would always recommend using a base coat that has a hardening or anti-chip capability for it makes your nail polish last longer and it would also help in maintaining the structure of your nails (re: prevent chipping or breakage)
  • Pushing your cuticle helps your nails look more polished and longer. 
  • Buffing your nails using a nail buffer helps your polish or the base colour adhere better to your nails. If you plan to apply nail polish, skip the polisher pad of the nail buffer. This makes your nails smooth and shiny thus, colouring your nails would be a bit harder.
  • Always seal your nail colour with a top coat to help your nail integrity last long and it makes your nails have that glossy finish except if you put matte nail polish on your nails *for obvious reasons*
Here they are.. 

Done by my friend grace. I lent her my nails for her to practice her nail arts =)

again, done by my friend grace but we collaborated with the design.
used essie's matte about you which mattifies any nail polish
This is actually in plum colour. Too bad my phone's camera won't show
the real colour.

One of my favourite nail arts that I've done.
I made this to commemorate the return of the leaves for spring.
I think I did this way back 2011
more after the jump..

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My Holygrail Products

Each of us have that certain product that we can't live without or let's say, you feel something is not right if ever you forget putting it on or it feels different if this product is not the one that you used. Yes, I am also guilty of feeling like this. When I was first introduced to beauty products, I never cared what I put on my face as long as it would be within the budget or I can just get it somewhere near. Maybe that's the reason why when I am still in my yester-years, my skin would always have either rough, or oily, or worse.. A BUMPY ride all the time. But now that I am earning money for myself, I learned that skin care or beauty products should not be something to be sacrificed. I was able to know what products are suitable for my skin type. Thanks to all the videos from youtube, blogs, magazines and websites which gave me information about these kind of stuff. Another thing that I do now is, I don't care if it would be expensive or not or if its only available in timbuktu or saturn.. I would go beyond my means to get these stuff just to save myself from going back to my skin problems from way way before. Anyway, enough of this babbling. Here I present to you my Holygrail products. I use this every single day although I can say that sometimes I would interchange it with something just for the sake of trying out something new, but believe me, I would always go back to these items. See them after the jump =)

*pictures/images are all owned by me. Taking it from this website without the permission of the author is strictly prohibited and disrespectful too. Thanks!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Review: Urban Decay's NAKED PALETTE

Naked PaletteSells USD$54.00 in URBAN DECAY website
Sells CAD$64.00 at Sephora stores in Canada
Since this is my all-time favourite palette, why not be the first item to review =) For sure every makeup enthusiast who exist in this world knows all about this much-coveted product. Well, I guess the main reason for its hype is because this product is worth every penny that you'll pay for it. This is actually my second one since I lost my first one when I went back to the Philippines last Christmas holidays. I am so sad that it got lost since, as i said, IT IS and WILL FOREVER be my favourite palette. When I went back here in Canada, it was on the top of my shopping list. I was just lucky enough to get it for a bit cheaper price (again) since I was able to snag this when they had that Sephora VIB discount event wherein if you are a VIB member, you have 15% discount for everything you purchase within the specified dates. So happy me but sad to say, my pockets felt the complete opposite =p

Let's talk about the packaging. If you'll see this on a shelf like the way it was showcased at my local sephora store, you'll for sure take a second glance onto it because of the way they packaged this item. Gold will always be pleasing to a girl's eye so it would really catch your attention. Although the packaging itself can sell this item, inside has a velvet-lined palette that looks so sophisticated. You will never be ashamed of bringing this anywhere you go. The main selling point of this would be, of course, the product itself. It has 12 shades of eyeshadow which you can use to make a neutral look which can make you do looks that can pass for day and night events. The eyeshadows were super pigmented and though I would suggest that you always use an eye primer to make your eyeshadow wear longer, but for the naked palette, you can pass up on it and it would still be long wearing. Here's a swatch for 3 of the shades:

It also comes with the Good Karma Shadow Brush and a set of eye shadow primer samples. I am not a fan of the samples coz I am pretty sure when I bought this the first time around, they actually have a good size of the primer potion which I thought I'll be getting when I got it the second time around. I was forced to buy the full size since the small size that I got for free before had already ran out. *booo*

I also got the Naked 2 and the Naked basic palette but this was still my go-to palette everyday. I want to buy the 3rd edition but not anytime soon since I am not in the mood to add more from my collection of makeup and as of now, I am having a tight budget. You could tell that I like Urban Decay products though they're quite pricey. What can I do, I am an addict! hahah!

So hopefully my review gave you a bit of an insight about this product. I'll do a review as well for the other naked stuff next time. For now, I am just gonna relax a bit and prepare myself for another day tomorrow!


Oh Hello MAY!!!


-- Deah

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

By the way... I AM DEAH

Hello hello!!! Before posting anything here in my new blog, I want to introduce myself to you. My name is Deah. I am Canadian but my heart will always be a true Filipina. I am married with no kids. I am a frustrated blogger, frustrated in a sense that I struggle so much in maintaining blogs (I currently have three! ahuh!!) and hopefully, with me making this fresh blog, I can start anew and frequently post something here. My main blog is if you want to check it out. I decided to start this blog because I want to have something which is dedicated to my love for shopping, makeup, and fashion. So basically, I will be posting more about those topics that I just mentioned. But please, I am only human and I make mistakes. I will incur mistakes for sure and if you want to correct me, please do it constructively and nicely. Thank you for even taking time to know me by reading this post. Thanks for joining me in this new journey.

hugs and kisses =*

- Deah